The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK can now benefit from one of the largest and most successful telemedicine platforms in the world, extensively used in the Israeli health care system, delivering better patient experiences and health outcomes

  • Delivering over 300K teleconsultations a year

  • End-2-end white-label solution for the public sector

  • Urgent Out-of-Hours and Outpatient services

  • Covering 24 specialities

  • Works on Windows, iOS and Android

  • Rigorous IG and data security standards

Connected HealthTech Solutions (CHS) Ltd. is the UK subsidiary of Femi Premium Ltd. With over 300,000 consultations a year connecting patients with clinicians in real-time, Femi operates the largest telemedicine service in Israel, and one of the largest in the world.

CHS is bringing with it to the UK the proven expertise and extensive know-how of Femi Premium Ltd. Since 2010, Femi Premium has been developing and managing an end-to-end customised telemedicine solution for the largest institutional customers in the Israeli public sector.

The clinical service is led and governed by some of Israel’s most prominent healthcare professionals including Prof. Mordechai Shani and Prof. Yehezkel Waisman who were involved in the development of the medical protocols and the ongoing clinical governance and quality control. In addition, the service is continually audited for quality of service and has systematically delivered over 90% customer satisfaction rates.

CHS enjoys the backing of the Davidoff Group  and Kedma Capital. The company is heavily invested in the continued development of next generation telemedicine technologies capable of catering to the medical needs of tens of millions of people.

Our Projects

Our telemedicine projects are delivering:

Annual teleconsultations
Min. on avg. to see a doctor
Avg. patient satisfaction rating

With approximately 4.4 million insured members, Clalit is the 2nd largest HMO in the world. We provide Clalit members with virtual urgent care in paediatrics, family medicine, and dermatology.


Meuhedet is the 3rd largest HMO in Israel (1.2 million lives). We provide Meuhedet members with teleconsultation in mental health.


Virtual outpatient consultations for Israel’s leading private medical insurers covering 24 specialties


Selected by the Ministry of Health to provide a nationwide telemedicine platform to be used by the entire Israeli healthcare system. Supporting Clinician-to-Patient & Clinician-to-Clinician.


A Clinician-to-Clinician extension of the platform allowing paediatric consultants from Sheba medical center (the largest hospital in Israel) to provide virtual consultations to doctors in the north of the country.


Supplying the National Insurance Institute with teleconsultation support in preparation for Medical Boards.


Providing the National Prison Service with teleconsultations with consultants.

Our mission in the UK

Our mission in the UK is to harness our proven real-world experience to offer NHS stakeholders cutting edge telemedicine solutions tailored specifically to the complex needs of the UK public healthcare sector. We bring to the UK:

  • Fully featured virtual clinic handling both Patient-2-Clinician and Clinician-2-Clinician use-cases in a single platform

  • Proven experience deploying large scale teleconsultation services to the public sector in Urgent Care and Outpatient

  • Operational expertise in demand management and virtual clinical provision

  • Outstanding track record in meeting demanding SLAs and KPIs

  • Extensive experience of complex system integration and interoperability

  • Adherence to rigorous IG and data security standards

  • Israeli expertise and know-how in cyber security, integration and big data

CHS was formed to build on this extensive know-how and expertise to help public healthcare players in the UK leverage emerging technologies as part of their efforts in implementing the NHS Five Year Forward View.

A fully customisable telemedicine platform


An end-2-end telemedicine service, including all technological components, integrations, admin, support and maintenance


Handling Patient-2-Clinician and Clinician-2-Clinician use cases in urgent and outpatient settings. Accessible from any device


Digitised and centralised admin system handling: user authentication, appointment booking, follow ups and more


Consent mgmt, RBA, encryption of all data transfers, 2-factor authentication, best-of-breed disaster recovery


Queuing and appointment manager, audio/video rooms, access to EMRs, ability to write summaries, prescriptions and referrals


iOS, Android and web applications with self-serve clinical intake & triage, audio/video feed, ability to upload media and report vital signs


Two communication modes: video/audio & messaging. Advanced features: multiple participants, files sharing, chatbot and more


Platform designed to support integration with existing IT systems: EMRs, scheduling systems, referral and prescriptions engines and more

Our virtual urgent care service developed in collaboration with Clalit Health Services is mentioned in the Lancet:

"...clinical data-sharing system, launched at Clalit a decade ago, has now been expanded nationally by the Ministry of Health to allow real-time comprehensive clinical data availability at every point of care for all citizens. Telemedicine services, extensively provided for several years by both of Israel’s larger sick funds, allow for nationwide provision of 24 h, 7 days a week acute care (Clalit) and chronic disease maintenance (Maccabi) using integrated interoperable data systems."

``Digital health nation: Israel’s global big data innovation hub`` - The Lancet, June 2017

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